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I am different from many therapists in at least three ways.  First I tend to be more interactive, and proactive.  Secondly while I feel that insight is very important I focus on how our work will pragmatically improve your life.  Most of all, the keystone of my practice is respectful attention to your individual differences, personal culture, and belief system.  The result is a safe environment to experiment with applying your strengths to problems in new ways.  Counseling psychology is the perfect tool for couple counseling, individual work, and for improving your life.


People looking for a psychologist are often struggling with troubles that have cropped up in their life.   Troubles can be caused by painful relationships, work environments, family problems, health issues, or simply feeling stuck in an unsatisfactory life.  These problems are stressful, and you may be experiencing worry or feelings of anxiety, sadness, or anger.  When these problems or feelings start interfering with your life it's time to take care of yourself.  The good news is that these are perfectly appropriate topics to work on in therapy.  Research and experience tell us that people can get better, and that therapy is a good investment in ones self.  Finding the right therapist can be almost as stressful as the original problem.  There are too many choices, and gathering information about a therapist can be difficult.  ponders

First Responders:
I am very familiar with the lives and issues facing first responders, and they are the bulk of my practice.  I understand the special confidentiality needs, and pressures of being on the front line in service to the public.  I learned about these issues from personal experience, not out of a book.  If you are a first responder, and are interested in counseling, I would like an opportunity to talk to you.  

I sometimes work with adults and adolescents; offering individual, couples, and group therapy.  These modalities are useful in treating depression, anxiety or fear and worry, grief, health and emotional symptoms accompanying stress, eating disorders, and non-useful anger.  I see people who struggle with difficult life transitions, such as relationship difficulties or divorce, loss, change of occupation, ill or difficult loved ones, and crises of personal growth.  People of all races, cultures and orientations are welcome in my practice.


Visiting my website is a great first step toward improving your life satisfaction.  The next step is even more important.  Call today for an appointment.

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