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I want you to feel good about working with me, so I offer a risk free first appointment.  At the end of the first appointment if you decide that you wish to work with me you will pay me for that first appointment and schedule your next one.  However, if you are undecided then you do not have to pay me for that first appointment unless you decide to call for another appointment.  In that case you will pay for both appointments at the end of your second visit.  If you decide that I'm not the right professional for you, there will be no charge for the first appointment.

Payment is due at the end of each session; either by cash or check.  Payment is an important part of our relationship.  Not only is this my business, research indicates that clients get better when they invest in the process.  I hope we can talk about fees any time feelings arise around the topic, or when circumstances arise that might make it difficult to pay for services.  I have a limited number of openings for clients who do not have enough income to pay my standard rate ($165 / 50 minute session).  If you feel that you may qualify for a sliding scale fee please ask about those arrangements. 

I currently take only insurance administered by MHN.  MHN is an insurance company that manages mental health benefits for many other general medical insurance companies.  For example some HealthNet policies are administered by MHN.  The rest of my practice is "fee for service".  That means that I don't accept insurance payments, and fees are due at the end of each session.  If you would like to submit services to your insurance company I will provide you with a monthly statement detailing your session payments.  I cannot alter the format of my statements for insurance companies.  You should know that there can be complications in using insurance for mental health services.  First of all the procedures in billing, authorizing sessions, and collecting payment are excessive and reduce the amount of time I have to see clients.  Secondly I feel that your privacy, and confidentiality are threatened by the information demanded by insurance companies.  Thirdly I feel that the restrictions placed on treatment by insurance companies are often unethical.

Availability and Directions

 Dr. Eicken is available on Monday afternoons (3:00 PM or later) and on Fridays.  Directions:  Dr. Eicken’s office is on the east side of South Point Blvd. Just north of the DMV.  I am in the SouthPoint Lofts above the storage facility.  I share my office with Tony Johnson, MFT; his name is on the door. 

How to make an appointment

 While it can be awkward to make that first phone call, many people feel immediate relief.  Knowing that you can take action, and that improvement is possible, can be very helpful.  It gets much easier after that first " Hello ", and  you can't go wrong in investing in yourself:  -  call now.    To make sure we get started on the right foot, I only make appointments with individuals seeking treatment for themselves, or in the case of people under 18 years of age, their parent.  For example; a spouse cannot make an appointment for their loved one.  When you call, I will want to give you some information, and ask a couple of brief questions to make sure I can provide the services you want.  For this reason, I only schedule initial appointments by phone.  Email is not secure, so I don't use it for making initial appointments, and I never use it to convey sensitive or confidential information.

Since I always turn my phone off when I'm with a client, I may not answer your call right away.  I try to return calls promptly, but unless you request in your message I may wait until the next work day rather than risk interrupting your evening or weekend.

(707) 775-5666