The requirements for being a man in our culture are often contradictory and  impossible to meet.  We are required to be both stoic and yet discuss our feelings.  Work hard, and yet be available for family events.  If we don't like professional sports we are often left out, and we are expected to be able to fix anything.

Depression / Anxiety

     It's almost impossible to be all things all of the time.  Feelings of "not living up" to everything we are supposed to often lead to depression or anxity.  These problems are often mis-diagnosed in men.  Current research indicates that drug or alcohol abuse, risk taking behavior, and rage can be symptoms in men.  They often go un-identified because they don't fit traditional symptom definitions for either condition.    

What to do

     Seeking help is tough for men.  However, we don't hesitate to hire an expert for special needs.  We take our car to a mechanic so why not take our emotions in for a tune-up?   Dr. Eicken's dissertation is on men and masculinity; he is an expert in helping men navigate between being the kind of man they want to be, and the kind others expect of them.  Dr. Eicken counsels men in a way they can relate to.