Group Therapy

     Often overlooked, group therapy can be more powerful and meaningful than individual counseling.  Groups give clients the opportunity to give and get feedback from each other, and develop sophisticated interpersonal skills.  Group work can be more economical than individual sessions too. 


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Work Shops

     Dr. Eicken is available to speak at your club, workplace or organization on many different psychological topics.  His speaking fee is often waived for service and charity groups.  Please give him a call to discuss your presentation needs. 

Career Counseling

     Choosing a college major, picking a career, or transitioning from one career to a new one can be an overwhelming life decision.  Identifying the factors involved in your work decisions, exploring how they fit your life, and matching your needs to the world of work is a great investment in your future. 

Psychological Assessment

     Some kinds of psychological assessment are very specific and require a special expertise.  For example Law Enforcement job placement, bariatric surgery, and forensic (court) assessments are not within the scope of my practice.  In the service of treatment I sometimes recommend some general psychology assessments to narrow and refine our understanding of the presenting problem.


Individual Psychotherapy

     The most popular treatment mode, individual therapy offers an opportunity for confidentiality and intense attention to self exploration. 

Couples Counseling

     Many problems surface only in the context of a relationship.  I find that problems are often due to clashes of meaning, leading to unproductive fights that fail to help couples understand each other.  My goal is to help couples find a productive

process for struggling with hard questions.  Please visit my  Relationship & Couples Counseling p  for more information.

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